MuscleTrail Gold Standard Weight Gainer



Benefits of Gainer: Gold standard series

  • Composite carbohydrate for super gains.
  • Faster recovery with 4g micronized glutamine.
  • Gaining bulk and strength with 6g Creatine Monohydrate.
  • Delectable and easy to mix formula.
  • Vitamin D3 to prevent deficiency.
  • Added dietary fiber.
  • No synthetic colors.
  • No lactose, no aspartame.
  • r-BGH free whey protein.
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Gold Standard Gainer is available in exclusive pouches of 100g each. Bringing ease in measuring, there is no need to carry scoop every time with them. This preserves the freshness of protein every time. Moreover, it enables the user to consume it wherever and whenever required. If gaining muscle mass is what you seek, Gold Standard Gainer pouches are all you need.

Science behind Gold Standard Gainer

Gold Standard Gainer packs in 1200 calories that make it to a serving of three pouches with exclusive, custom engineered blend of micro-nutrients:

Gold Standard Gainer encompasses a subtitle blend of three unique proteins that helps in massive mass gain, releasing steadily and consistently delivering amino acids, assisting in muscles, working relentlessly throughout the day for recovery and growth. Fuel your lean mass gain and impart power to muscle protein synthesis.

  • Gainer is Significant for our body craving for fuel to ensure necessary growth throughout the day. The major feature of this product is its Maltodextrin; an ultimate molecular weight polymerized helping in the slow absorption of sugar while enjoying perfect mass fuel. The product makes it easier for nutrients to get released at a sustained pace, which is highly significant for mass gain.
  • Rapid gains are triggered in lean body mass through enzymatic nutrient activators working along with potent absorption agents. The creatine and nutrients absorption miraculously improve with Gold Standard Gainer. The Calories turn into MASS with high-quality nutrients, result-efficient absorption.
  • Gold Standard Gainer comes with 4 grams L-glutamine, necessary for recovery after workout and also helps n enhancing the immunes system that gets depleted when a person indulges in intense workout.
  • Only the best quality and purest raw materials are used in Gold Standard series with the help of a manufacturing facility offering pharmaceutical grade products.
  • Gold Standard Gainer comprises of Creatine monohydrate that will ensure to deliver quick, effective and long-lasting results on your body. To ensure safety at all levels, the product is developed in sanitized rooms that are humidity controlled temperature maintaining and air tight nature.

Dosage Levels For Gold Standard Gainer

Gold Standard Gainer pack encompasses every serving of 1200 calories that to deliver cannot only help in building your mass weight but also provides ease in consuming appropriate measurements .Every serving can easily be mixed in cold water or milk. To consume Gainer, it is essential to follow the instructions appropriately as follow:

Add three pouches of Gainer with cold water or any other beverages of your choice. You can vary the amount of liquid to achieve desired consistency or thickness. To increase the calories and protein intake per serving, it is recommended to consume it with milk or milkshake. For massive muscle growth, consume 2-3 servings in a day to meet your calories and protein requirementOne can easily consume Gainer in three different ways for expected results that are explained below:

Quick Mass Gain Phase

Dosage Count

Two servings of 300 grams each which make it to 600 grams of daily dose i.e. 6 pouches in total. To speed up your mass gain process, it is advised to consume six pouches of Gainer two times on a daily basis.

These six pouches need to be consumed in sets i.e. the first three pouches in the midst of your first and second meal while the remaining three pouches should be consumed immediately after completing your training. Quick Mass Gain Phase is appropriate for those people who are aiming to gain quality mass quickly.

Duration: One can consume this for a minimum twelve weeks time.

Mass Maintaining Phase

Dosage Count:

Two servings of 200 grams each which make it to 400 grams of the daily dose i.e. 4 pouches in total.

To maintain your mass levels, it is advised to consume four pouches of Gainer two times on a daily basis. These four pouches need to be consumed in sets i.e. two pouches in the midst of your first and second meal while the remaining two pouches should be consumed after completing your training. This phase is appropriate for those users who have accomplished their target in Quick Mass Gain phase and are now aiming to maintain their Gained mass.

Duration: One can consume this till one desires to stay in the maintenance phase

Anabolic Body  Recomposition  Phase

Dosage Count:

One serving of 300grams and other two servings of 200 grams each which make it to 700 grams of daily dose i.e. 7 pouches in total.

This phase is for advanced lifters who have been in low-calories diet from months and want to get optimal results regarding gaining muscle mass. The first dose of 2 pouches need to be consumed between 1st and 2nd meal, and another three pouches to be consumed just after a workout and two pouches before sleeping.

Duration: One can take advantage of this phase for 4 to 8 weeks.

If gaining muscle mass is what you seek, Gold Standard Gainer pouches are all you need.

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